Thursday, July 28, 2005

Yee haw

The New York Times Style section managed to display a positively Friedmanesque grasp of the cutting edge today when they deemed one of the next big things to be...Cowboy Boots. I think this quote epitomizes what makes the article so amazing:
Like Uggs, the fuzzy Australian footwear brand adopted as beachwear by California style setters, cowboy boots tend to be viewed as a moderately subversive statement, "a way of saying, 'I don't really care about the rules,' " suggested Sharon Haver, the founder of FocusonStyle, a fashion Web site. "Even your mother might cock an eyebrow."

Speaking of Friedman, I think he might finally have run out of terrible car-based metaphors and similes, because he went enviro-friendly-yesterday's column. Apparently we should all be biking, wait no, be more like China, wait, no, we should be more like Lance Armstrong! Clearly our economy would benefit from a second lease on life after the cancerous plague trade deficits and outsourcing, but why did our economy get testicular cancer, Tom? Could it have something to do with the chemical filled carcinogenic bicycle seat that is the US's love of disastrous trade agreements? There's no place to freeze our economic sperm to ensure future global virility. No, Friedman, what you prescribe will leave us less than half a man. Warren Buffett says we're heading towards a "sharecropper society," enslaved by our needs and by the countries that can meet them. Getting out of the mess we're in is going to be a lot harder than the Tour de France, I think.

Lance Armstrong is an amazing athlete, I can't deny that. Does that mean we have to find instruction in all great athletes? Where's the "make our military policy more like Tiger Woods' tee-off strategy" column? I'm waiting-that would be about as hip and with it as the cowboy boot article. Also, there is already a "Live Wrong" bracelet. It's black. The cynics beat you to it.


Carol said...

This confirms my worst fear...the cultural significance of Jessica Simpson.

Next we'll all be wearing "Chicken of the Sea" T-shirts.

God help us.

Ren said...

I love cowboy boots. They serve as a chastity belt.

P.S- You're still blowdrying. or doing something in there