Friday, July 29, 2005

Made for Breaking

Some rules should just not be followed. Some examples:
1. No drinking coffee on the subway. Do we need to cover why this is ridiculous? I think not.
2. You can only get Plan B with a prescription or through a doctor type. There are so many reasons this rule should be skirted I barely know where to start. I've seen teenage girls in tears because they have to choose between emergency contraception and their jobs thanks to Planned Parenthood's requirement that you make an appointment. Women get punished harshly in sacrifices of time and money for their lack of sense while their partners get away with being inconsiderate jackasses. Next time you're at the doctor, get a prescription and keep it just in case you or one of your friends need it. Turn your medicine cabinet into your own free clinic. It's the least to be done for the sisterhood(Liliana, are you ready to implement Plan A or do you still need the weapons training?).
3. Park and Cemetery hours. Seriously, what's the fun if you can't go at night? Besides, it's always fun to work on the fence jumping skills.
4. Any and all pictures and lists designed to ensure good behavior. Especially if there are stick figure drawings. Lists just make it easier to break rules systematically.

It's supposed to be nice this weekend. Do something you shouldn't.


Liliana said...

Honey, I was born ready.

And if by "weapons training" you mean training a squadron of feminist Wookies, I'm doubly ready.

Ren said...

Lists have got to work.
Perhaps in conjunction with visual stimuli- I'm a visual learner.

Next time stick figures and a brief informational video on visiting the moral gulag will do the trick.

Please don't send me to the gulag mistress. Please.

Meredith said...

We've got wookies? SWEET.