Monday, July 25, 2005


I'm locked inside my apartment right now. The lock is broken such that I cannot open my front gate from the inside. That is no fun at all. The worst part of this is that this is not the first time I've been locked inside my apartment. It happened a few times in Prague. Never install a lock on your door that serves the same function from the outside that a chain does from the inside. If you have a roommate it will lead to nothing but trouble. Nothing but trouble. Also, never use All Security Locks. They are evil people that will force you to sleep in your apartment when it is grossly insecure and make you late to work with their complete lack of timeliness. What a way to start the week.

I thought this article was funny. People who are over 25 right now should not be allowed to use text messaging. It clearly only leads to trouble-and painful Modern Love ruminations.


Liliana said...

It's a travesty, that you're locked in! Really, karma shouldn't allow it. Where are your friends when you need them!?

(Oh yeah, in D.C. and lock-retarded to boot. Sigh. I feel your pain.)

D. J. said...

This is how God is punishing you for a weekend full of Nature.

Seriously, though, that sucks. At least you have the internet to amuse you. Want me to bring you lunch? All you need is a basket and a simple block-and-tackle.

Rebecca said...

Still laughing at the memory of those lock ins in Prague. Dammit Jeff. ha ha. wait. hahahahahahaahahaha. You are challenged indeed.
I always tend to think that awkward and annoying situations exist to save you from an even worse fate that would have happened had your lock issues not occurred that day. For instance, perhaps had you left on time, you would have suffered the public humility of having your pants split open on the day on the subway, on the day you were wearing dirty underwear. I dunno. bright side. but. hahahahah. That Via Lingua Picture still freaks me out.