Thursday, July 14, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince makes the blood hot

Come on Harry, loosen that tie just a little bit...

I'm excited about the Harry Potter book. I haven't pre-ordered or anything, andI've never played the card game, but I do love little Harry(and his not-so-little-anymore cinematic portrayer Daniel Radcliffe-yes, yes I am that dirty). This is why I might have to drop everything and go to SoHo tomorrow night for the launch party.
As part of its mega-marketing campaign, Scholastic has shipped 5.5 million temporary lightning-bolt tattoos to stores and will host a street party in New York's SoHo district Friday night. An autographed copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be on display.

I can think of a few places to put those temporary tatoos that might make this party adults-only.


MONKEY said...

How do you feel about secrets, Meredith? Like, if someone had insider info, would you want to be privy? If someone could tell you something potentially devastating about the new Harry Potter book...would you want to know it?

Ren said...

Can I please get first dibs at devirginizing him? I'm really good at it.

Meredith said...

MONKEY, you pose a good question(by the way, why the lowercase lately? It's like you're not yourself somehow). Part of me wants to know, but I think that might be the part of me that wants to die, or perhaps the part that wants to kill my remaining childhood innocence. Do you know who dies?

MONKEY said...


(oh, is he kidding? is he? is he?)

And it's your blog layout that changes "MONKEY" to "monkey" - rest assured, I type it in caps every time.

Carol said...

yes, Daniel Radcliffe is lovely, but I still think Simon Reeve wears Harry Potter glasses better than Harry Potter

Besides, even with his magical abilities, I suspect that boy is no match for simon's "dark powers"

Okay, so his glasses aren't as potter-y as the original, but look at him -- he's REALLY working that boyishly sexy thing!!!