Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A placeholder

Apologies for the almost complete lack of substance of late. Even more apologies for all the time I spend treating this like a livejournal. I will have more time to write soon and I can get back to trying to be clever and everyone can get back to pretending that I'm not failing miserably. Now back to your regularly scheduled static while I return to sweating profusely in this monstrous heat.


Liliana said...

Clever, shlever. You've totally been slacking in the pretty-pictures-of-boys department. Come on, dude, help a girl out.

me said...

OMG. I hate this heat. HAAATE. Rachel and I just accidently took the subway all the way to Queens and then waited in a stifling subway station for 35 minutes for the fucking return train.
I might be dead. Who really knows.

Anyway, I'm having a heat-induced surge of amorousness for you dear.
Miss you, though I just saw you.
Go see Ave Q- it converted my former distaste for musicals into acquiesent enjoyment.