Monday, July 18, 2005

Drama drama drama

If you've received any emails from me today, you might have sensed that I'm not in the greatest of moods. The other thing you probably noticed is that I'm writing a bit more, how shall we say, angstfully. To spare everyone from my overwrought prose, I'm going to retreat to the safety of my newly purchased light reading(wild guesses? I think you know...) and the bottle of wine I bought at Warehouse Wine and Spirits. I did have a lovely, but depressing, conversation with a woman on the subway about how much we hate Bush, Blair, Cheney, Halliburton, and the rest of the evil alphabet. It's nice to find a comrade in arms, especially on the subway when it's this hot. Maybe this isn't a heatwave after all-maybe we've already died in a Bush sanctioned nuclear holocause and are now languishing in some sort of collective Hell, a la Jacob's Ladder, or Soul Survivors. Wait, that's the sort of typing that's been getting me into trouble. No more!

Incidentally, Lewis Black has a small role in Jacob's Ladder. The kindly doctor? That's him. He's the nicest, sanest character in the movie...


Liliana said...

Despair not, fair Meredith! The Times has found the root of your angst! It's...the weather.

"Call it the Grumpy Factor, a phenomenon tied to humidity. In a nursery-rhyme-science sort of a way, the Grumpy Factor explains how unpleasantness can shuffle across the city, lighting tempers and darkening moods."

"In a nursery-rhyme-science sort of way"?

Once again, a paragon of hard-hitting, investigative reporting.

Ren said...

Didn't we already discuss how fab your prose is when you get all angsty. I can't get enough.
Stay angst-ridden.
It's good for the tortured writer soul.
Let's pretend we're Raskalnokov (sp?) and go drink whiskey somewhere dark and dank.
Then write America's next great novel.
I write plucky heroine parts, like you said, and you do tortured penis.