Friday, July 15, 2005

A contest

A young fellow I know showed himself to be no friend of the workers yesterday when he mercilessly mocked my brilliant idea for a great Communist musical. "There will be NO solos," he jeered, "everyone's part WILL be the same size!" I feel he missed the point, especially since those are both great ideas that shouldn't be used in scorn. We could make the entire think like Greek theatre-all Chorus!

Please friends, prove me wrong-whoever gives me the best Lenin-the musical related lyric, or if you must, title with some sort or production note, wins a drink on me, maybe even two! Don't forget, we're all about solidarity and such, so I just might have to owe one to anyone who participates!

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Ren said...

Scene starts off in a button-making factory in Russia. Many peasant women with dirt smudged on their faces are working. Boss walks on and yells, "Worker scum!If you don't make ten thousand by the end of the day, you won't even be paid with buttons today.."
(Rhythmic piano beats..Du Du Du Du)

Women all together:
Weeeeeeeeee, We thought this would be good!
Du du du du du du du )[piano-you get the drift)
Weeeeeeeee, we thought we would have food!
Du du du du du du du
Buuuuuuuut, this system does not work
Du du du du du du du
beeeeeeecause our bourgeois boss is such a jerk!
Du du du du du du du

"B" "O" "U" "R"
see how far
"E" "O" "I" "S"
we've come in this
We are not quite sure
if we are even spelling that which we hate so much

"B" "O" "U" "R" "G" "E" "O" "I" "S"

Du Du Du Du Du Du Du DU

Oh this life is such a shame
Du Du du du du du du
weeeee are nothing but a game
du du du du du du du
tooooooo amuse those chosen few
du du du du du du du
and give birth to one or two
du du du du du du du

Refrain repeat, harmonies and such.

Then during the highest note of the most climatic verse, the boss comes back in and screams..
"Get back to work, wenches!"


* Disclaimer: This song is in no way based on any prior knowledge of Lenin's life that I know of, is probably factually inaccurate, and also is most likely a subconscious rip off of Les Mis.