Monday, June 27, 2005

Worst. Scientists. Ever.

Thanks, MONKEY. Thanks a lot. It's bad enough that we're all going to die of Avian Influenza, but thanks to the news you posted in my darling robot's absence, now I can look forward to a flu pandemic AND demonic canines. My only hope is that I'll be so delirious with fever that I jump off a roof in an attempt to fly away from the packs of zombie hellhounds that will invariably overrun our society. Mother Nature is crying for us. If only Captain Planet could rescue us from this hubris!

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monkey said...

You'll be fine - as soon as you die of the flu, they'll just bring you right back, like reloading a saved game on your Playstation. C'mon, it'll be fine...don't you just our good zombie doctor...? Just look at him:

Perfectly trustworthy.

(p.s. See my update to the post on