Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Call To Arms

Ok girls, I need some help. I'm going to try and interview Simon Reeve, but I'm blanking on questions to ask. I want it to be good(I've learned there might be a few people out there who have an interest in the man), so if you have any suggestions, especially if you've seen his BBC programs(I haven't yet), send them my way.


Sarah said...

the questions I want to ask, he seems far too polite to answer

does his brother have a girlfriend?

Laura said...

He's a great journalist; I once asked him to come and speak to the students at the J-school here in NYC. I have this dream panel in my head of Steve Coll, Simon Reeve and Peter Bergen which hasn't happened yet. He had a scheduling conflict, but very nice guy though.

There is a VHS tape at the Columbia Library of one of his shows. It's the "Holidays in the Danger Zone" show that covers Kazachstan and Kygrstan (sp?) Considering what's been going on in that area, I'd be interested in what his remarks were. I'd also be curious what his next book is going to cover.

Ren said...

Fine you're married. But will you sleep with me if I whisper sweet nothings about third world countries?

Carol said...

Fairly married!! What the hell does that mean anyway?
So he's got a girlfriend? A live-in? A tattoo with her name?
I saw him on C-Span...he was NOT wearing a ring. (Yes, I replayed it in slo-mo several times.)
Dammit, how am I supposed to go to my happy place with his wife there?
"I have a dream...keep hope alive!!!" -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

bonnie said...

whoa, stop the presses

Why can't I find anything on him on the Web? I saw the shootandscribble site, but no always suprises me who the Brits choose to chirp about (and who to ignore).

Anonymous said...


To use a British expression:

He is bloo*y fit. Noone seems to know who on earth he is over here in the UK though he's just done a fab BBC TV show on Places That don't exist.