Monday, June 20, 2005

On the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes "Love" Contract

I know it's old news, but it's still a point of discussion. For example:

"You'd think he wouldn've chosen someone without Herpes."
I agree, Liliana, but without a disclosure clause in the contract he probably signed it BEFORE this unsightly outbreak...


Sarah said...

he said that "psychiatry was a fraud and a pseudo-science" wonder if Katie was allowed any medical intervention for the Herpes outbreak. yikes

MONKEY said...

Okay, so, like, once in awhile, I'll check out your blog. You know, like on a slow day, looking for something to read, I'm putzing around, thinking "anything on Slashdot? any updates on fancyrobot? let's see what these links of Liliana's over here are for...?" and then suddenly my head is shrieking "WHAT THE RAT FUCK BY THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY THE SCIENTOLOGICAL HERP IS COMING RIGHT AT ME HELP".

Please. Meredith. Cut that shit out. All I'm saying is maybe, just maaaaybe you could, I dunno, just post a link to the picture instead of using the "img src" tags and sticking the oozing herp farm right on the front page. You know, like, lead us gently, don't just toss us on the fire.

Consider it. Not a sermon, just a thought.

Rebecca said...

i second the motion to remove this picture. I don't even want to visit your site Mer. Either put on something new so her face isn't the first thing we see, or get rid of the diseased ridden face all together.