Thursday, June 09, 2005

By popular demand

Sometimes I post on issues of substance. The heat wave surges on, however, so today will not be one of those days. Someone asked me where my Simon Reeve post disappeared to. To answer your question, Carol, check the May Archives. Whilst searching for it, I remembered something-Simon Reeve is GORGEOUS! I've also discovered that he left his job as a reporter to write books at 23. 23. Simon has laid the gauntlet, and I am doomed to failure by his standards. I have 13 months before I've officially failed-he just won't love me if I have to start writing books when I'm 24.

Speaking of books, I read The New Jackals, his book about the first World Trade Center bombing and Osama bin Laden, and I was impressed. Neocon bookjacket blurbs aside, it predicted, pretty much exactly, what was to happen in 2001. This guy knows his terrorism.

Anyway, to the matter at hand-more pictures of Simon!

I've also been informed that he's married, which breaks my journalism-groupie heart. Clearly I am not alone in my love for Mr. Reeve(and his brother James), so keep sending me info and I'll keep talking about him!


Carol said...

The fan site only states that he's FAIRLY married!


Rebecca said...

so it is his brother. Have we determined if they are twins?

Gail said...

Simon was born in 72, James in 74.

I read that Jackals book too. Brilliant. In the acknowledgements, he thanks his family: his parents, two brothers and a sister.
That's Alan, Cynthia, James, Lucy and Ian.

Ah, the joys of Google stalking indeed.

Carol said...

whew, it's still there. thank you!