Friday, June 24, 2005

Some Subtle Social Commentary

About as subtle as having your arm gnawed off by the undead. Even the computers are zombies now. Why does it have to be good? It's easy to dismiss a movie when it's mindless, but how am I supposed to stay away from a film when it has a brain in its lumbering zombie body? That makes me want to see it so I can feel superior to those who don't realize the level of sophistication involved in sculpting a political allegory out of rotting flesh. If only I didn't hate the rotting flesh part so much.

How does one stop hating horror films with a burning passion? Is there a cure for that fear?

In other news, more people are dying in Iraq, and George Bush just won't listen to reason. More on that later. For now I have to go enjoy my long afternoon...


harris said...

wow, i'm glad somebody is as excited about the new george romero movie as i am. sweet!

on the judicial front, did you notice that all of the "liberal" supreme court justices voted to affirm the state's taking of land to create office spaces for rich pharmaceutical companies, while all the "conservatives" like thomas/scalia voted against?

Meredith said...

I did notice, and it's scary. We're in a lose/lose situation here, where one side ends in we "liberals" ceding power to corporations through inevitable government corruption, and the other ends in the return of the "Constitution is Exile" nutjobs, which essentially means we cede power to the corporations via a completely deregulated "free market." I don't know which is worse. Read the NYTimes Magazine story on the CiE people-chilling stuff.