Friday, June 10, 2005

The G8 Summit as Imperialist Smackdown

While the US is bogged down in the failed empire-building quagmire that is Iraq, Britain is bitch-slapping the few countries it still has some control over in a much subtler, simpler style. The Group of Eight member nations take turns hosting these summits, which is why this bit of a New York Times article caught my eye:
The agreement on debt cancellation is likely to be the only big issue at the coming Group of 8 summit meeting in Scotland on which the United States is in full accord with the other major industrial nations. The Group of 8 includes, in addition to the United States and Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan and Russia.(emphasis mine)

How sneaky! Give them their own parliament, let Sean Connery leave messages for people on behalf of the Scottish National Party, export Billy Boyd's adorableness to us, but don't think for one second the English will let them forget that Scotland is the LA Staples Center.

No point really, I just found it funny.


Rebecca said...

Where does Canada come from. Looking at this grouping it occurred to me how odd it is that all of these countries work together now and at some point and time they have all bitch slapped each other in the past. Except for Canada. How did Canaga get into this elite 8?

Ren said...

Disclaimer: Comment has no political relevancy at all.

Sometimes I like to think about Sean Connery bitch slapping me.

Meredith said...

It's clear that we just can't get rid of Canada. Come on, England had to kick them out of the Empire! They're the kid sister we can't shake, all seven of us...