Monday, June 06, 2005

Quadruple your fun-twice

26-year-old Aussie lass Darren Chalk has provided another link in the chain of human devolution(sadly, not DEVO-lution, because I'm still waiting for the day I call Mark Mothersbaugh overlord). With the help of IVF(one of the fertility treatments that leads to the scores of abandoned frozen embryos so endangered by stem cell research), Chalk is pregnant with her second litter! Apparently the fun of having four ten-month babies just wasn't enough. Why not add to the brood another four mewling whelps just as the first set reach 18 months? Someone forgot to tell her, and apparently, her doctor, that human litters don't mature at quite the same speed as dogs, cats, and sea turtles.

There is some nice symmetry to this pregnancy-if Darren and her husband divorce, they can each take a set of quadruplets instead of dealing with joint custody.

The article says that it took 18 rounds for this woman to "fall pregnant" the first time-think of all the wasted embryos!

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rane said...

wow. now i understand why you were ranting a little bit more. i would also like to yell at this woman. good god.