Monday, May 02, 2005

Too Angry for Pith-Florida Sucks

The Florida government really thinks it knows what's best for everyone, and what's best for everyone is months and months of physical suffering against their expressed wishes.

A state judge upheld an injunction requested by the FL Department of Children and Families against a 13 year old girl who wanted an abortion, saying that she was too immature to make the decision. The inevitable outcome of this will be that the girl has the baby, not because she will change her mind, but because the court battle will continue until it is too late to terminate the pregnancy.

This is such an old question it shouldn't even need to be asked, but how is she too immature to decide to terminate a pregnancy but old enough to deal with the physical and mental ramifications of carrying a child to term and giving birth? I refuse to even entertain the response that since she was old enough to have sex she is old enough to deal with the consequences. That's bullshit, and anyone who thinks that either doesn't have any daughters or is a profoundly cruel person. Abortion is legal(and has been for 30 years-news flash!), and since one of the consequences of sex is pregnancy, then terminating that pregnancy is a perfectly reasonable method of dealing with the consequences. Forcing women to have babies against their will is tantamount to rape. What kind of monster thinks it's okay to rape a 13 year old girl? Right, that would be Tom Coburn. I pity your grandmother, Senator.

New resolution be damned, if I had any means whatsoever I would happily take this kid to a state that would let her do what she wants. What the state is doing to her is just wrong.

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