Friday, May 06, 2005

Labour-gonna Live Forever(or as long as my Oasis titles last)

Tony Blair and company won, to no one's surprise. Their majority in Parliament shrank by around 100 seats(as of right now), which would have been good if the Lib Dems had picked them up. Alas, Michael Howard and his Tory forces of Darkness are on the rise. There are some pissed off people in Britain, and they showed it by voting out Labour in a whole bunch of places. Wouldn't it be great if Americans did things like that? Yeah, it would. Wait-why doesn't it work that way? Oh yeah, America is filled with apathetic morons. The anti-war party even managed to pick up a seat. I hope Galloway's as vocal during the Prime Minister's Questions as he was tonight-that'll be some great CSPAN!

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