Thursday, May 19, 2005

New Scientist has reported what all iTunes users already knew-you are judged, often mercilessly, based upon the music in your library. In the microcosm of the world that is the workplace,
Participants confessed to forming judgements about co-workers based on the taste - or lack of taste - revealed by their music collection. Many also admitted to tailoring their own music library to project a particular persona, and some said they deliberately hid particularly embarrassing tracks from others.

At least this information is helpful. Now you don't ever have to wonder why you get those funny looks when you have your headphones on-you can rest easy knowing that all your office peers are sneering at you because they assume you're a vile, undiscerning Jesus-freak because you forgot that mix CD your psycho ex-girlfriend gave you had a Creed song on it.

Things get even wackier if you like to take your laptop to public places with wireless access. It's possible to find yourself peering into the music collections of complete strangers, strangers you most likely can't identify. And they can stare into your soul using the same network technology. You can judge, and be judged, without ever having to identify yourself or your victim-safe because even if you know someone else knows you love Styx, you're better than the asshole who's got all of Nickelback's albums.

The gauntlet has been laid, interns-what opinions have you formed by looking at the office iTunes? Come on, be honest...

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