Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A question

While I'll leave the Friedman-bashing to the pros, I find myself confused by something-
the Iranians will dicker over their nuclear carpets forever.(emphasis mine)

What, exactly, is a nuclear carpet?

Follow-up: if it's what I think it is, will someone PLEASE stop this man?


MONKEY said...

The MONKEY would hazard a guess that it's slang for "carpet bombs", which are non-tactical, like what we did to Dresden in WWII. You know, just laying waste.

Or maybe it DOES mean what you think it means, which, if Friedman means what the MONKEY thinks you think Friendman means, there's no way the MONKEY's going to get close enough to that BOOSHY MOOSTACHE to put a stop to anything.

Rebecca said...

Maybe its what some Chernobyl girl suffers from instead of yeast infections.

I lost sleep over this one. No, not really, but I did look up carpet thanks to my unyielding curiosity. Using Carpet as an Idiom the dictionary stated:
In a position of being reprimanded by one in authority. or
Under discussion or consideration.

If we use it in this sense, I suppose it would be a nuclear bad kid who threw a spit ball would be on the carpet for punishment, or a nuclear conference meeting. You choose. However, I think the literal is implied for real, meaning the covering effect of nuclear issues in general or even the covering effect of a bomb. I dunno.

Meredith said...

This is the beauty of Friedman-no matter what it means, it still makes no sense! His columns are the new Rorshach tests!