Monday, September 26, 2005

If you have to ask, you're not invited...

Submitting writing samples with your resume blows just a little bit. It gives you another opportunity to think about all the kick ass articles you ballsed up somehow that you can't send in. I also hate cover letters. In my opinion, if you actually have to worry about what your cover letter says, you're probably not well-connected enough to get the job, so you should chill out about how it distinguishes you from the 9,000 other "candidates" for whatever you're applying for. Who hires based on merit these days anyway? Then again, I've been pretty fortuate on this front, so I guess I'm half-ranting, half-self-congratulating about avoiding actually competing for jobs.

This one is out of my hands now, thank goodness. Now only time will tell if I'm geeky enough for public radio. It'd be sweet if I am, but I'm just a poor imitation of ubergeek Little Sis.

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ren said...

You're enough of a geek, you just need to work on your MN accent with me and go see the Charlize-mullet flick.