Thursday, April 21, 2005

Does that make Clare Short Damon Albarn?

I don't know who should be more offended by the association, Oasis, Tony Blair, or Justin Hawkins.

There was a time when Tony Blair would have been proud to be associated with Oasis, when the Britpop-New Labour relationship was at its closest.

Wednesday's papers widely report that New Musical Express, which has a predominantly young audience, has named the Manchester band as the one they most closely associate with Blair.

But not for reasons he would find flattering - "good in 1997, totally rubbish and out of touch now" and "nothing new but people still back them".

Charles Kennedy was likened to Keane, for being "middle of the road, inoffensive" and Michael Howard was linked to The Darkness.

It is easy to understand the sentiment; I certainly thought Tony would be the one that saved me, and he did really seem to have a masterplan. Has he been a good PM? Definitely maybe, but after Iraq he's going to have to really beg to get his citizens to not look back in anger.

Kennedy and Keane? The alliteration says it all. But Tories and The Darkness? I have a hard time imagining Margaret Thatcher rocking along with "Get Your Hands of My Woman."

I guess he would look pretty bitchin' in a glittering unitard.

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