Thursday, April 14, 2005

"Chance of super-intelligent robots in the next 70 years: High"

The source of this alarming prediction isn't the techno-publications you'd expect it from. It is one of the 10 biggest dangers to humanity laid out in The Guardian today. According to the criteria the writer set while interviewing prominent scientists, "Robots Taking Over" is just as likely as climate change and will have a greater destructive impact on human life.

Which would you choose? This:

By the end of this century it is likely that greenhouse gases will have doubled and the average global tempera­ture will have risen by at least 2C. This is hotter than anything the Earth has experienced in the last one and a half million years. In the worst case scenario it could completely alter the climate in many regions of the world. This could lead to global food insecurity and the widespread collapse of existing social systems, causing mass migration and conflict over resources as some parts of the world become much less habitable. I don't think that climate change will sound the death knell for humans, but it certainly has the potential to devastate.

or this?

These intelligent machines will grow from us, learn our skills, share our goals and values, and can be viewed as children of our minds. Not only will these robots look after us in the home, but they will also carry out complex tasks that currently require human input, such as diagnosing illness and recommending a therapy or cure. They will be our heirs and will offer us the best chance we'll ever get for immortality by uploading ourselves into advanced robots.

Personally, I'd take dying for real in a natural disaster over an eternity with those creepy machines from the end of AI any day.

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