Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pataki is going to veto a potential godsend of a bill because he thinks it'll get him elected President, but those Republicans aren't going to vote for you anyway, George! You're a Godless New Yorker, remember? Of course, only in New York would the Republican State Senate Majority Leader criticize him for all the right reasons:
"The bill would have given women more options to prevent pregnancies and, as a result, would have prevented abortions," Mr. Bruno said. "I was surprised by the governor's reason for a veto, given that under existing law, minors already have access to a far worse alternative than taking a pill to prevent an unwanted pregnancy."
That sound you just heard was my entire world turning upside down. Republicans being reasonable? Next think you know, someone's going to tell me not all zombies are bad!


D. J. said...

I hope this means Pataki's gunning for national office, because it's going to be amusing to watch him fall flat on his face in the GOP primaries.

Ah, Paturkey. He's totally on the list.

Meredith said...

Wouldn't it be great if Pataki were at the top of Giuliani's list and vice versa? They could satisfy their deepest desires and relieve the rest of the world of some severe annoyance...

Ethan said...

Wouldn't it be even funnier if they were secretly involved in a plot by a small cadre of radical Maoist aliens to replace all forms of the word to-be with "snooker?"
All right, that wouldn't be funny at all, but it would be kind of silly.
You two snooker both going down tonight.

no, really, it's chris ammann said...

not to completely disregard the topic of your post, but hi! and how's it going! and, you know, other things of that nature. i put my blog on the link here, if you're interested. it's not as much of a "current happenings" as much as a "what the crap is going on in my head?" thing.

take it easy.

Ren said...

WE WON tangler the quats. biatch.

oh yeah, and pataki sucks.

Evan said...

I've been digging your blog, lately, Mer!

D. J. said...

P.S. Not all zombies are bad.