Monday, August 22, 2005

Blast off!

This is not a post about Johnny Depp. Yesterday marked six months to the day of Hunter Thompson's death(I raised a glass to him with Eric), and his friends and family said goodbye by blasting his ashes out of a giant gonzo-fist cannon. The whole thing sounds like it was rather maudlin, but the New York Times does have some poetic moments.

"two hours of alcohol-free tributes" Huh? I hope that doesn't mean it was substance-free

"What unfolded here in the Rockies just outside of Aspen was the complete canonization of Mr. Thompson." How clever, Katharine Q. Seelye! Canon-Cannon! No wonder they sent you. Clearly you have the Thompson gift.

Ed Bradley? Of 60 Minutes? Learning that they were friends is like learning one of your parents was at Woodstock. It just doesn't compute.

It's nice to see that Jann Wenner has some sort of heart, even if it's a twisted and envious one.
Mr. Wenner recalled his drug-crazed exploits with Mr. Thompson but spoke of his feelings as well, saying at one point that he had been jealous of how close Mr. Depp had become to Mr. Thompson.
The Gonzo Fist is taller than the Statue of Liberty-can you imagine if we replaced that old dame with the two thumbed pillar? Maybe after the revolution.

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