Sunday, August 21, 2005

Cyclones everywhere!

I made it through the Cyclone, some disappointing funnel cake, and some scorching sun yesterday without any ill effects. Today it took only coffee and my favorite omelette to make the room spin. Does anyone else think this is backward? I like my rollercoasters on the beach, not in my stomach. One day was more than enough-what gives with a whole week?

In other cyclone news, a tornado ripped through the next town down the highway from my hometown. It even killed someone. Wisconsin isn't Tornado Alley, but it's disconcerting to hear that people I know were shrieking and bolting for the basement last Thursday night.

As has already been reported, Saturday at Coney Island was everything I'd been hoping. There was even a short detour to the Brighton Beach boardwalk and the Black Sea Bookstore(if only I could reproduce the Cyrillic!). Not a whole lot has gone according to plan this summer, but yesterday is enough. Thanks girls.


ren said...

The sight of your blond bobbing head in front of me on the coaster is embedded in my memory foreves.

Now if only I had passed on that fried cheese thing and made it to brighton beach...

well there are still some sunny weekends left.

Anonymous said...

Tornado in Chitowne this weekend. Not literally, but call me soon.