Sunday, August 07, 2005

Melting Clocks and such

The internet has special powers. All kinds of information floating around. It's enough to make you paranoid, like a constant buzz in your ears that always "meant" someone was talking about you. Nobody knows you're a dog in cyberspace, or so they say, so it's just a big mystery.

Back to more normal things, sort of. England has a serious problem with axe murders. The latest is much more disturbing than the first from several months ago. Apparently this one was a hate crime. Incredibly sad, really. Almost makes me lose my taste for random axe murders. Almost.

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ren said...

Well just to elucidate, when I say
"my favorite pair of thighs" on the Internet I am ALWAYS talking about you. Seriously your thighs are fucking fantastic.

I'm sure a certain seasoned blogger would agree with me...