Thursday, January 05, 2006

News with an entourage

I saw the news that Ted Koppel was moving to the Discovery Channel yesterday, but I smiled when I read in the Times that he's bringing NINE of his former Nightline staffers with him. As if Koppel's dedication to in depth reporting weren't clear from his planned three hour specials, this did it for me:
He said he had not even talked with any of the cable news networks about his plans after ABC. Repeating his previous description of those channels as being "in a desperate race to be first with the obvious" and tending to pay greater attention to "what is recent" rather than "what is important," Mr. Koppel said his kind of news programming would be out of place there.
Even Jon Stewart doesn't sound that biting anymore.

Ted Koppel, you're my new favorite cable news man.


Liliana said...

The difference, of course, being that Stewart is an entertainer first. As a real newsman, Koppel, ostensibly, is not.

(Yeah, I'm a little defensive. Just when you think you're over a guy...)

Meredith said...

Yes, but since when are you not entertained by vitriol, my love? Funny should be number one for our man Jon, but we shouldn't let him get soft on us(The OSCARS? Come on...)