Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I found this earlier, and I anxiously await more responses. Harrassing right-wing nutjobs is always a good thing, and the 7 stipulations about the specific killing of the kitten are brilliant.

Also, some actors from California have responded to the fairly funny SNL Narnia rap video. Those Magnolia cupcakes are good, but the boys from L.A. painted their own pottery, and one of them was the hottest Republican ever to be on the West Wing(sorry Ainsley), so my vote goes to "Color Me Mine."

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Alexis Kate said...

Hmm, a tough decision but I still vote for the SNL boys. Call me crazy but NYC looks more appealing than sunny Cali even on the grayest of days. The gun shot at the end just seals the deal on funny. And do I see a replacement crush for my dearly departed Jimmy Fallon in young Andy Samberg? What is with my fetish for tall lanky goofy dudes? Okay I admit it and embrace it.