Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bad Suspense Movies

I'm less excited about going to work today than usual because of a recent development at the store: I have a stalker. He's not a "leave dead flowers and menacing notes" stalker(at least not yet), but he is a "appears from out of nowhere at the exact moment my coworkers are unable to rescue me" kind of character. There should be a soundtrack that includes a burst of strings, like in horror movies. It is partly my fault too; I thought he was gay the first time I spoke to him. He just keeps showing up, his big eyes trained on me in a "what kind of lampshade would you make" stare, and tries to get me to go out with him. I'd hoped he was gone for good after a laughfest at his expense(pre-New York visit) was interrupted by his sudden reappearance-directly behind me. Offense and embarrassment weren't enough to keep him away, so I finally asked my manager for help on Friday night.

I'll probably never get to see the most cinematic moment in this entire saga: he's been "trespassed" from the store, so the next time he comes in, whether it's to buy some socks or freak me out, he'll be arrested by security. There's a part of me(a big part) that wants to see him one more time so I can watch him get hauled away against his will, maybe shouting a little bit. A few cab rides home make for a lousy denouement.

It also figures that this would all happen while Ethan is off on his interminable East Coast visit. I get to be freaked out and ALONE on top of it. Thanks a lot...

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Anonymous said...

Schadenfreude is certainly acceptable in these circumstances.

Be careful!