Monday, November 28, 2005

Yeah yeah, I've been gone for a while. I'm not dead or anything, but Thanksgiving found me in Maryland doing my best not to embarrass myself in front of the in-laws, and now I have a crazy work schedule and no wireless at my apartment.

I'm glad to see that in my absence, the Maoists are still keeping it real. I really wish we heard more dispatches from Nepal. I still regret not studying abroad there(revolution, schmevolution, to paraphrase a friend, just knowing the Himalayas exist makes whatever happens in my life okay).

Also, lets keep the threats in the comments to a minimum. There's only five of you, so play nice. I'll get to everything when I have the luxury of time to play with the blog again.


Anonymous said...

reading this just made me smile. this is a big deal as somebody poisened me with cashews this morning and i feel like death.

love you.
schmevolution lover

Carol said...

Hi Darling,
A cautionary tale for the retail workers:

I actually got fired from a temp job at a deptartment store many, many moons ago. For shoplifting...

we couldn't find the sku number for a pair of gloves that someone returned. my "co-worker friend" saw me admiring them and suggested I just "take em' home."

I got pounced on at the door and lost my glamorous accessories department gig. I found out later that the store offered a cash reward for employees that turned in thievin' colleagues.

I'm still not sure whom I more pissed at, me for being so fucking stupid or for my "friend" for her big mouth.

I should write a country song about this...

Rebecca said...

did I see you refer to them as "in-laws." You shouldn't wish to call them that yet.

I know I suck and I owe you an email. Losing my mind over these apps. LOSING MY MIND.