Sunday, November 13, 2005


I learned new things this weekend. Here's a brief list:

1. I don't hate my retail job. I actually kind of like it.

1(a) Coach bags are overpriced.
1(b) People who buy Coach bags "because they forgot their evening bag" are out of touch with reality.

2. Food poisoning sucks. A lot.

3. If Brett Favre played for the Redskins, they wouldn't be 5-4.

If you refer to number 2, you'll understand why I was thinking about number 3.


Anonymous said...

if you are not forthcoming with that bloody simon reeve interview, I will poision you.

ren said...

Coach bags are kinda ugg anyways. Unlike Dick Cheney (see FR's flattering pic)

Rebecca said...

Someone gave me a coach bag once, when i graduated college. it is so small i can barely fit lipstick in it. if i wore lipstick, i am sure i would be really pissed. so i use it to store q-tips instead. sigh. mer, when are you coming to chitowne to visit again? i need some prague loving. BTW. Steve P wrote me a rec letter for my phd application. no joke. love that british steve.

The Sis said...

so i referred to #2, and still don't get your comment about Brett. Unless it's about the Packer's sucking.....and that if he played for the Redskins, they'd be 2 and 9, just like Green Bay is. You know the only way they could possibly be worse than they are? if john "i can't throw a pass to win the game, so if we're anything and inches, the play is a quarterback sneak" stocco were their quarterback. Wait --was that a future less vivid conditional? past contrary to fact? god damn english language.... off to learn about maggots now!