Wednesday, November 02, 2005

News, or something like it

Without a wireless router in my house, I might have gone all day without seeing this, truly a sign of the apocalypse. Aaron Brown may be responsible for the strangest bit of news anchoring I've ever seen(following the massive anti-war protests in 2003), but he doesn't deserve to be so abused by CNN. Jonathan Klein is a true moron-why else would he subject the public to THREE HOURS of Wolf Blitzer and then force them to deal with Larry King? I remember when CNN was good, when it actually gave me information, but that was a long time ago. It's sad how quickly it crumbled. As if this is any surprise to anyone. It's still sad...

I'm sure Gawker's covered this like crazy already, but, as I said, I have greatly reduced access to internet. The new job will take me away from computers for hours at a time! I lost yesterday to corporate retail training(do they stop treating you like a retarded monkey at some point, or are you supposed to not notice?), so I'm really out of it. Did I miss anything?

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Anonymous said...

I like Anderson Cooper and all, but people talk about him like it's the second coming.