Monday, October 10, 2005

"Welcome Home"

Thanks for the welcome, love.

I'm a big, jobless lump of domesticity at the moment(hardly something I ever thought I'd type), but so far things seem okay. I have my big "when oh when sir can I start working for you" meeting tomorrow morning, but other than that I am still unemployed and without the funds to rent an apartment. I've also not yet found one that looks pretty enough on the outside to get giddy about. I've been distracting myself by knitting and cleaning, so I (may) have officially lost my mind. I tell myself I'm frontloading my relaxation so that when I'm really busy right before the elections, I won't feel deprived of rest.

It only occurred to me this morning when I woke from the third or fourth anxiety filled dream about leaving New York that I might be feeling a little panicked, perhaps like I was a mite bit hasty in this move. Don't get me wrong-still the right thing, still excited about everything, about all the new life-related things to be done, the new life to build-but I miss New York and my small but devoted crew a whole lot more than I thought was possible. A lot more.

Enough navel-gazing for the evening. Hopefully my meeting tomorrow will clarify where I stand on the "get a life" continuum. Also, Ethan's white board finally came, so I'm looking forward to hours of fun. I'm hoping for Venn Diagrams.


Liliana said...

Honey, when I come visit, we will draw Venn Diagrams that defy imagination. You only think you´ve seen a null set. Trust me.

ren said...

Navel gazing? Yeah right. I've seen your boobs. Lovely.

Bet Ethan's having fun.