Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A little clarity

First things first-my Ls are getting a little randy in my comments, which was a lot of fun when I was unattached but now feels just a little bit dirty. For shame, ladies!

Second, I had my worried-over meeting this morning, and my favorite part was when I heard the words, "If I could hire you to start working today, I would." To sum up-I still have no job, but I definitely, absolutely will by the end of the year. And I get to pick what I want to do! It's not every day you get to choose your next career adventure. I should write one of those books. If you want to take the Communications Director job, turn to page 112. Might be fun.

Nothing has changed in the immediate sense, but I feel fantastic knowing that I've actually got something to look forward to(assuming the money people decide to fund us. Anyone know people who want to give a million or two to rural voter organizing? Please? Pretty please?)

Back to the short term job hunt. Then maybe a run(I know, crazy), then...PIZZA! Living in style!

I've officially written the whiteboards first words. Can you guess what they are?

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