Thursday, October 13, 2005


I've had a confusing couple of days. Last night I engaged in religious activity for the first time in nearly a year, and it wasn't even my religion(such as I sort-of-almost have one), and today I checked my hometown newspaper's website and discovered something strange happening in the column of my mentor, John Nichols-he speaks well of Representative Mark Green. I'm all for respecting people who have different opinions, but Mark Green? Mark Green? I'm glad that the column was about Green's need to deal honestly with campaign funds; overall, the content of the column was good. It's just this one tiny bit-
My sense has always been that, while I might disagree with him on many issues, I could respect Mark Green. And I even entertained the notion that he might have some of the qualities Wisconsinites ought to look for in a governor.
What qualities are those, John? Please, tell me. The qualities that make him oppose a woman's right to choose? The qualities that make him such a fan of Faith Based Initiatives? That led him to suport Bush's absurd tax cuts? I'm confused. I know that Jim Doyle is a slimy, spineless, power hungry, miserable man without principle or ideals, but Mark Green is a right wing nutcase! Argh, now I'm all frustrated. At least I can eat(sorry sweetie).

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