Sunday, August 26, 2007


I keep having dreams about moving to L.A. I don't know why. I hate everything about the Los Angeles area with a bright and burning passion. There is nothing I can imagine enjoying about living there, not even the climate. Are L.A. dreams my new zombie nightmares? If so, I have clearly graduated to a new and far more frightening "most feared" scenario.

I want my "anywhere but here" dreams to be about places I might actually want to go, like Mongolia or Nepal or East Africa.

It's a little freaky that I'm dreaming of escape scenarios after only two months.


Perfect Ratio said...

You wouldn't like to be able to gloat "mine are real!"?

Meredith said...

Well sure, but at the rate cosmetic surgery is infiltrating every walk of life, I can pretty much gloat anywhere!

Oh, and I think they're less impressive now than they used to be. Sad!

liz said...

Also, I'm not sure that's an escape dream. Maybe it's a sort of perverse indication that you're happy to be back in new york!