Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Master at Work

Tonight I got to spend some time with a lovely young woman who has become a very good friend of mine since I moved back to New York. We sat and drank rose at a recently opened wine bar in our neighborhood and had a lovely time. The night would have been a perfect girl's night out if it hadn't been for the intrusion of a couple of obviously Jersey men who insisted upon chatting with us.

The whole night would have been ruined by their awkward attempts at conversation if it hadn't been for my friend's brilliant improvisation. In response to one of the trio's attempts at negging us for being from WI and IL, she asked, "What other stereotypes would you like to run by us?" To another's inquiry about whether or not we'd ever really behaved like psychos, she said, "I poured hot tea on someone after he made it for me." They tittered in an off kilter sort of way, and we left shortly after, confident we'd departed with the upper hand.

Blessed with context for her statements, I spent the intensely uncomfortable(for them) moments laughing heartily on the inside. After all, what's the point of having beautiful, intelligent, witty friends if they can't shut down chubby loser dudes and still be (classy and) hilarious while doing it?

I have a new heroine.

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