Friday, February 17, 2006

Why I Won't Let the Dream Die

I know he lost-big time-, and the resemblance isn't perfect(and the photos are blurry), but this is really why I find myself so enamored of Johnny Weir. I'm sure Johnny would enjoy riding Falcor in all of his soft, sparkling, undulating beauty.


Liliana said...

Meredith, darling, I thought of you last night when there were two things on television: Men's skating and flesh-eating zombies. "But it's the Olympics!" I argued feebly.

The zombies won.

Meredith said...

Must eat brains...must add rhinestones...must eat brains...must complete triple double lame...BRAINS...SEQUINS...BRAINS!!!!

If the zombies had invaded and attacked Scott Hamilton, now THAT would have been something.