Thursday, February 02, 2006

About Last Night

It seemed like a good idea to go out with a couple of girlfriends last night. Ethan had, on his own, asked a classmate of his to go drinking with him and enlisted another classmate to keep things from being, you know, too gay. Our separate, parallel drinking excursions led to being hit on by people not each other for the first time in many, many months. The haul was less than impressive, as I was hit on by a bad knockoff of last year's hipster. He said his band's influences were people like STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN. In the "Band Poses" section of the photo gallery here he's the dude on the far right in the top right photo. He was wearing that shirt too. And cowboy boots.

He tried to commiserate with me about how difficult it is to be an artist and sustain relationships, and that he had just broken up with his girlfriend because he was dedicating too much time to his music. He didn't even offer to buy a drink. That was what the kinesiology majors were for.

I'm still hung over. It's embarrassing, but lucky that I don't have to work.


ren said...

Oh hon- don't fret, we all have our share of uber freak hit men. I live by the motto "at least he's better than Carrot Top." Really that helps one get through any sort of uncomfortable bar situation....
Will you be around tonight during free wekkend minute time!??

Meredith said...

i'm around right now dude!