Monday, May 05, 2008

Just because, here's a list of obnoxious things people might do in upcoming weeks:

1. Eating heavily buttered popcorn at Erroll Morris' documentary Standard Operating Procedure.

2. Dieting obsessively in order to look good in bathing suits while food riots continue around the world.

3. Turning on air conditioning units while energy prices continue to rise.

4. Buying things with their recently received IRS checks while ignoring credit card debt.

5. Going to see Speed Racer and Sex and the City.


Jessica Rane said...

I'm too lazy to diet. I'll just whine and then buy a suit.

Sarene said...

For the record, I will be in the middle of the Pacific Ocean when "Sex and the City" hits theaters -- and Andy has staunchly refused to take me to see it while we're on the honeymoon :-p

Sarene said...

And my ex-boyfriend just posted as his status update that he's going to see "Speed Racer" right now. Sad. I mean, at least he could spend his time seeing "Iron Man," right?