Thursday, November 01, 2007

My So-Called Mid-Twenties

I think the dye seeped into my brain while I was waiting for the color to set. Despite ten years, 2,000 miles, and plenty of current developments that all fall squarely into the "Life Doesn't Suck After All" column, I still feel an awful lot like I did when I was 15. A couple of days wouldn't be so bad, but my Angela Chase mood continues apace. What will it take to snap myself out of it? I can't go to college and lose 20 pounds again. That's really only a once in a lifetime thing.

I am angry with you, Target. The DVDs came out on Tuesday. Why are they not going to be in your store until Saturday? Why do you have to make me more prone to cry than I already am? Is it not enough of a clue for you that I walked in wearing a huge frown and an unfortunately pinkish/red dye job? I don't have enough Matthew Sweet on my iPod to sustain another day of this mood.

Do you even know what I listened to on my way to your store? Oasis. OASIS. Yeah, it was that bad. And you couldn't even meet me there. You couldn't even meet me in the late '90s. I'm so disappointed it you, Target.

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Perfect Ratio said...

I just think maybe you're a method Halloween costume actor? Like Gosling!