Friday, July 14, 2006

The World Won't End?

I'm a little concerned with what seems to be an impending apocalypse, or at least the beginning of some major Mid-East destruction. Most everyone I know seems to agree with my pessimism, and I realize I might be disappointed if there isn't some sort of terrible outcome to this situation. This leads me back to the title-"The World Won't End" is the title of a Pernice Brothers album from 2001, a beautiful album filled with shimmering melodies and lush instrumentation, but whose lyrics were uniformly depressing. I still love it. The title seems to have two meanings-1. Everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about; it's a comforting statement. 2. Someone desperate for the pain and horror to end bemoans the continuation of the world around him/her. Ethan seems to think that only someone as chronically depressed as me would pick the second possibility, but I think it explains why so much beauty is so sad.

Back to cleaning my apartment with the Smiths.

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Anonymous said...

You just reminded of an MTV Martha Quinn lesson -- the song "The Future is So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades" is actually about nuclear war. Nice