Saturday, March 24, 2007


All the action is finished, and now all that is left is to watch basketball, sleep, and head back tomorrow. The best quote of the day goes to my Great-Aunt Quava(that's pronounced Kee-way-vuh, but no one knows why). She stumbled on my great grandfather's headstone while walking to her seat, looked down at the ground, and exclaimed,"Oh my goodness! I just tripped over Daddy!"

Second place goes to my cousin Richard, age 45, of no specific occupation or location, when he said, "Journalism? Rock & Roll? That's cool. Yeah, I know Jon Bon Jovi from back in the day."

Third place does not belong to any statement, but I have to recognize the joy in my sister's eyes when she tasted KFC for the first time.

The little things my sister and I have learned since coming down are really striking. I always thought I got my stubbornness and rebellious streak from my mother, but it turns out my grandmother used to risk her Baptist father's patriarchal wrath in order to go dancing and to baseball games with my grandfather. They also eloped and only told their parents when his mother found the marriage license. We can't really ask my grandmother to elaborate; she keeps asking me how the trip from New York was even though I haven't lived there for over a year. It's not worth trying to correct her.

We've found some of the most amazing photographs(hidden in a closet, natch)-a picture from our great grandmother's river baptism sometime around 1910; one of two young men sitting on a car dressed in impeccable suits(no one knows who they are), and my personal favorite, the series of photos of what looked like a vaudeville show featuring 20 or 30 men dressed in blackface. I don't know who took the pictures, who it is that is in them, or what else might have been going on, and I guess we never will.

ETA: Three free round trip tickets and a night at the Marriott later, I'm home. Thank. God.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Tragedy of Death and Boy Meets World

It's been a rough day. A death, general sadness, and several other less than desirable little frustrations and tragedies have befallen me and my loved ones today. In order to distract myself, I decided to find side by side pictures to prove that the square first victim in Zodiac was in fact the nerdy kid from Boy Meets World that later got cut from the cast to make room for Tobanga's enormous breasts. And then I couldn't find any. Minkus has been erased from history, and I cannot get a break.

I will post a picture of Springer Spaniel puppies instead. The one on the left looks just like my puppy who got cancer last year about this time...oh forget it. Puppies are cute. I'm going to take a nap.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Breaking: College Sex Mags not good for Girls

The author of this article can't manage to write it without describing the attractiveness of the women involved or including quotes that reinforce the "girls in college are still totally stupid about sex and should just be good because when they do stuff that ends up in smut they totally feel bad about it and that just isn't cool" stance on female sexuality. It you write an article about sex magazines on college campuses, why spend so much time woman bashing(especially when it is women who are starting the things) when you have tons of material for Harvard bashing?